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2D Plan Images - Highest Quality 2D plan symbols & Architectural floor plan symbols

2D floor plan images, Transport overhead view, Furniture top down view, Plants top down view, Trees overhead view, Seamless Textures


Ultimate Bundle
2D Plan Symbols Ultimate collection

The Ultimate Bundle is the complete package. Included is all the images you will ever need to create the highest quality 2D colour floor plans, with our 2d plan symbols. The Ultimate Bundle consists of 943 high quality 300dpi .png & .jpg images from our 4 Collections. 

Included is as follows.

Furniture & Fixtures Collections - 428 high quality 300dpi images

Plants, Trees & Shrubs Collection - 200 high quality 300dpi images

Transport Collection - 88 high quality 300dpi images

Seamless Textures Collection - 227 high quality 300dpi images

This Ultimate Bundle is the best value for money however the Collections can be purchased separately if you wish.

PDF Catalogue's & Samples can be downloaded for each Collection below.



Furniture & Fixtures Collection

2D Plan Symbols furniture

Our Complete Furniture & Fixtures Collection consists of 428 high quality 300dpi .png images. All images are top down views or overheads of Furniture items, Fixtures and Accessories in .png format all with isolated backgrounds. The Range has been specifically created to use for your 2D colour floor plans.

The Collection consists of the following 2d plan symbols.

Baths, BBQ's, Beds, Bins, Chairs, Cooktops, Dining tables, Waste drains, Fridges, Lounges, Seating, Showers, Sinks, Basins, Pool tables, Spa's Toilets & Various Accessory Items


Plants, Trees & Shrubs Collection

2D Plan Symbols plants

Our Massive Plants, Trees & Shrubs Collection consists of 200 high quality 300dpi .png images. All 2d plan symbols are top down views or overheads of plants, trees and shrubs in .png format all with isolated backgrounds. The Range has been specifically created to use for your 2D colour floor plans and landscaping.



Transport Collection

2D Plan Symbols transport

Our transport collection consists of 88 high quality 300dpi .png images. All 2d plan symbols are top down views and overheads in .png format with isolated backgrounds. The range has been specifically created to use for your 2D colour floor plans.


Breakdown of the range is as follows.

  •  9 Boat top down views / overheads
  • 46 Car top down views / overheads
  • 12 Motorbike top down views / overheads
  • 1 Ambulance top down view / overhead
  • 2 Police car top down views / overheads
  • 1 Taxi top down view / overhead
  • 13 Truck top down views / overheads
  • 4 Machinery top down views / overheads



Seamless Textures Collection

2D Plan Symbols textures

Our seamless and tileable textures collection consists of 227 high quality 300dpi .jpg images. All textures are seamless and tileable and have been created and collected specifically to create 2D colour floor plans. All textures can be modified, resized and its very easy to change the colours of the textures. This complete texture collection is all the textures you will ever need to create high quality 2D colour floor plans.

Breakdown of the range is as follows.

  •  33 Stone Benchtop Seamless textures
  •  46 Carpet Seamless textures
  •  41 Floor tile Seamless textures
  •  28 Timber flooring Seamless textures
  •  32 Wood grain Seamless textures
  •  7 Concrete Seamless textures
  •  9 Grass Seamless textures
  •  10 Outdoor paving Seamless textures
  •  7 Road Seamless textures
  •  7 Soil Seamless textures
  •  6 Bark Seamless textures

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Create Stunning, professional & Realistic 2D colour floor plans with our 2d plan symbols and the power of Photoshop.

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